1976-79 Shinkenchiku House Design (international competition - second prize)

- 1976-79 Solar House, Landstuhl, Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany (limited international competition - first prize)

- 1978-79 51 Frognal - redevelopment of Reginald Blomfield House

- 1979 Antique Exchange, Kensington, London - 3000ft2 flexible retail space (feasibility study)

- 1979 Rollerhaula, indoor skating, North London (feasibility study)

- 1979-80 Donald Residence, Bayswater, London - development mews property and stables

- 1981- Office for DOM Lock manufacturers, Cologne, Germany (international competition 5th prize)

- 1985 - Proposal for Sports Hall, Hochst, Frankfurt (international competition, special purchase prize)

- 1986-90 - Apartments, Shops, Offices, Psychiatric Day Care, Lutzoplatz, Berlin, Germany ' (International Bau Ausstellung)

- 1988 - Development Study, Hamburg Docks, Hamburg.

- 1988- Stained glass Museum, Langen Hesse, Germany.

- 1988 - Redevelopment of the Stadel Academy, Frankfurt, Germany. (limited competition.)

- 1988-89 - 16 Old Park Avenue: London

- 1989- Exhibition structure for Design Expo, Osaka, Japan

- 1989-90 Exhibition Pavilion for Landscape Expo, Osaka, Japan.

- 1989-91-Kantine and kitchens for the Stadel Academy, Frankfurt, Germany.

- 1989- Development study, Hamburg, Germany. Collaboration with Ron Herron. limited competition- second prize)

- 1991- Development study for the town of Langen, Germany. (feasibility study)

- 1991- World Trade Centre, Berlin, Germany. (limited international competition- third prize)

- 1993- Elbberg Offices, Hamburg, Germany. (limited competition- second prize)

- 1993 "John Lagie Baird" museum, strathcylde, (limited competition - second prize)

- 1993 Proposal for ecological renewal of industrial 'hammerbrook' area, Hamburg.

-1993- Museum for Bad Deutsch-Altenberg, Vienna (limited competition - first prize)

1994-00 Kitagata Social Housing, Gifu. 107 units mixed social housing.

1996 Strategic development study public housing in Shanghai. Collaboration with Intelligent Architecture unit, Energy Design Advisory Service and Space Syntax Laboratory at University College London (international competition)

1997 Planning study civic square, Melbourne, Australia (international compeition -shortlisted)

1998 Living Sites competition with Wates (housing competition)

1998 Velux Housing competition (runner-up prize)

1998 Centro Congressi E.U.R. Roma - congress and exhibition centre, Italy (international competition - shortlisted)

1999 Britannia Basin, Manchester (housing competition)

1999 Salford Crescent, Manchester (urban planning competition -first prize)

2002 Goldsmiths College Masterplan, London (urban planning competition - runner-up)

2002 Osaka Station area masterplan (international competition)