The practice has academic connections and through these we are able to work with some of the brightest emerging designers in London. The firmÕs work includes social housing in Europe and Japan, exhibition structures and museum and gallery spaces. The practice has won prizes in several competitions, including the Living Sites Competition, Salford Crescent, Master Planning and Landscape Competition and was short listed for the International Congress Centre in Rome. The work of the firm has been extensively published, both nationally and internationally.

Recently, the practice has completed a large, low cost social housing development in central Japan which involved an international group of four female-led architectural practices. Each was asked to re-define and re-design highly economic units that were appropriate for families in the 21st century. Unusually, the project encouraged design to be developed within a wide cultural context and interpreted through four female designers. The practice worked together with the artists Aiko Miwoake and Amy Fuzawa and the land artist, Martha Schwartz. All projects in the UK are taken through to practical completion and those not in the U.K. have been supervised on site by a collaborative architectural partner.

Christine Hawley Architects is a small practice that has been established since 1998.

The practice places a high value on the research and construction of innovative ideas. The practice produces work that has a contemporary sensibility, is highly functional and gives visual delight. The projects are developed through dialogue with the client, to ensure that the social and personal agenda are very much part of the solution.

The provision and design of housing and its appropriateness to changing social needs are of vital and increasing importance. Having spent some time addressing similar issues internationally we would relish the opportunity to work on low cost housing in the U.K.